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We are proud to announce the first edition of the Dr. Ben Wada Award for the Best Poster Presentation.

The prize is kindly provided by Delft University of Technology, and it is named after the friend and colleague Dr. Ben Wada, for his most important contribution to the development of Adaptive Structures.

A jury select the recipient of the Award based on the examination of the posters displayed during the poster sessions and upon discussions with the author/authors present during the sessions.

The prize consists of € 500,- and it will be accompanied by a certificate for each of the authors of the poster. 

The winner/winners will be annouced during the conference dinner on Tuesday, 7th October.


Engineering education leading towards PhD at UCLA and worked for Jet Propulsion Laboratory (Caltech) from 1959 until retirement in 1999.  Various position at JPL as an engineer, researcher and manager working on most of the JPL programs on space exploration.  Many leadership positions at ASME and AIAA including being on the its Board of Director.  Initiated the ICAST conference in 1990, responsible for establishing the Technical Committees in Adaptive Structures at both ASME and AIAA, and initiated the annual forum of Adaptive Structures for AIAA.  Voted as Fellow of ASME and AIAA.  Several key awards include NASA's Exceptional Medal and ASME Adaptive Structures and Material Prize.


Continuing to be a consultant for analysis of propellant tanks and propellant management system for ATK that has provided majority of the system for US space crafts and many international space crafts for the past 45 years.