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Please note that the program will be preliminary until the last day before the conference and changes can still occur. 

All attendees and spouses are invited for the welcome reception in the lounge of the Mercure hotel on Sunday October 5th at 5PM.


Program: Monday October 6th 2014


Lecture Room



Opening of the Conference


Session 1: Morphing
Chairs: Prof. Michael Friswell & Prof. Kon-Well Wang



Performance based MDO of a morphing Joined-Wing aircraft concept

José Vale, Frederico Afonso, Fernando Lau and, Afzal Suleman



Kinematic Solution for a highly adaptive Droop Nose

Johannes Kirn and Stefan Storm



Optimization of an Elastomeric Composite Skin for a span-morphing aircraft wing

Alexander D. Shaw, Ben K. S. Woods, Edward A. Bubert and Michael I. Friswell



Metastructure development harnessing modular metastability

R.L. Harne and K.W. Wang



Design, Manufacturing and Wind Tunnel Validation of an Active Camber Morphing Wing Based on Compliant Structures

Alessandro De Gaspari, Sergio Ricci and Luca Riccobene





Session 2: SHM & Sensing
Chairs: Prof. Dimitris Saravanos &  Dr. Marcias Martinez



Nonlinear Acoustics for Crack Detection in Aluminium Plates – Wireless and Mobile Platform Based on a Smartphone

T. Oraczewski, W.J. Staszewski* and T. Uhl



Evaluation of Physical Performance of Embedded Piezopolymer Sensor Systems

Nikolaos A. Chrysochoidis and Eugenio Gutiérrez



Multi-damage monitoring for large-scale stiffened panel based on propagating characteristics of Lamb waves

Shengbo Shan, Jinhao Qiu, Chao Zhang and Hongli Ji



Wireless health monitoring procedures for lattice towers

Davide Nardi , Michele Pasquali, Sofiane Atek and Paolo Gaudenzi



Kirigami pyramidal auxetic active core for wave propagation control

Manuel Collet, Morvan Ouisse, Fabrizio Scarpa and Mohammed Ichchou



Dynamic Characterization of Air Flow Sensitive Fuzzy Fiber Artificial Hair Sensors

Benjamin T. Dickinson, Jesse Diaz, Benjamin Severin, Greg Reich, David Phillips, Henry Sodano, Keith Slinker and Jeff Baur





Session 3: Applications
Chairs: Dr. Razvann Rusovici & Prof. Haim Abramovich



Natural frequency identification of smart washer by using adaptive observer with time-varying adaptive gains

Hitoshi Ito and Masayuki Okugawaz



Design Optimization of a Rotary Magnetorheological Brake

Hao Ma and Wei-Hsin Liao



Experimental verification of the position and attitude control low between two objects using multiple coils

Ayako Torisaka, Syo Masuda, Satoru Ozawa, Nobuyuki Kobayashi and Hiroshi Yamakawa



High Shear Rate Magnetorheological Devices to Absorb Impact, Shock and Blast Energy

Norman M. Wereley, Andrew Becnel, Wei Hu and Gregory J. Hiemenz



Investigations on the use of Lamb waves for de-icing purposes

S. Ameduri and A.Brindisi






Keynote Lecture by Paolo Ermanni


Session 4: Energy Harvest
Chair: Prof. George Lesieutre



Synchronized Triple Bias-Flips Harvesting Circuit: A New Solution for Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting Enhancement

Junrui Liang



Development of a nonlinear multimodal energy Harvester with magnetic coupling

Hongyan Wang, Louise Wan, Kirsten Ly and Lihua Tang



Exploiting piezoelectric effect for magnetic sensing and energy harvesting

B. Guiffard, R. Seveno, D. Guyomar, J.W. Zhang, R. Belouadah and M. Lallart



Fabrication of micro multilayer energy harvesters based on stainless-steel substrates

Y. J. Wang, S.C. Lin and W. J. Wu



Poster Session



End Poster Session


Program: Tuesday October 7th 2014


Lecture Room


Session 5: Actuation 
Chair: Prof. Jinhao Qiu



A novel bio-inspired fluidic actuator for robotic applications

Stefan Landkammer, Rainer Valek and Rüdige Hornfeck



Development of a prototype of a smart reconfigurable reflector for extremely high frequency antenna

Hiroaki Tanaka, Hiraku Sakamoto, Akiya Inagaki, Kosei Ishimura, Akihiro Doi, Yusuke Kono, Tomoaki Oyama, Kazuki Watanabe, Yu Oikawa and Takeshi Kuratomi



Variable Recruitment Inelastic Bladder Hydraulic Artificial Muscles for High Efficiency Robotics

Michael Meller, Jordan Chipka and  Ephrahim Garcia



The Smart Spring: How it works

Fred Nitzsche



Design studies using pneumatic artificial muscles in cellular structures for modulus variation

Michael E. Pontecorvo1, Farhan S. Gandhi and Felix Foerster



Minimum Energy Cross-Well Actuation of Bistable Piezocomposite Unsymmetric Cross-Ply Plates

Onur Bilgen, Mehmet R. Simsek and Andres F. Arrieta





Session 6: Applications 
Chairs: Prof. Rinze Benedictus & Prof. Wei-Hsin Liao



Testing and Validation of Piezo-Actuated Inlet Guide-Vane

Razvan Rusovici, Paavo Sepri,Chelakara Subramanian and Jordan Senatore



Design of an autonomous flap for load alleviation

Lars O. Bernhammer, Roeland De Breuker and Moti Karpel



Identification of Aeroelastic Parameters for Helicopter Tail Rotor Limit Cycle Oscillation Monitoring

Yong Chen, Viresh Wickramasinghe and David Zimcik



Boat trip with lunch to TU Delft, Faculty of Aerospace Engineering


Lecture Room B

Lecture Room D


Session 7: Vibration
Chairs: Prof. Paolo Gaudenzi & 
Dr. Eric Chen

Session 8: SMA
Chair: Prof. Dimitris Lagoudas



Active vibration control systems with improved sound radiation properties

Thomas Haase, Christian Schubert and Hans Peter Monner

Adaptive Structural Shape Re_nement by Means of SMA Wire

Kazuyuki Hanahara and Yukio Tada



Electrical tuned vibration absorber: application of the equal-peak method to linear and non-linear RL piezoelectric shunts

Gilles Tondreau, Arnaud Deraemaeker, Payam Soltani and Gaëtan Kerschen

Macroscopic characterization and phenomenological modeling of thermally-responsive shape memory polymers

R. Kazakevičiūtė-Makovska, M. Heuchel, K. Kratz andH. Steeb



Damping cable structures with active tendons

A.Preumont, D. Alaluf and C.Gentile

Design and Simulation o Morphing Airfoil Sections with SMA Actuators for Wind Turbine Rotors

A.Karakalas, T. Machairas, A. Solomo, V. Riziotis V. and D. Saravanos



Robustness of Multiple Piezoelectric Vibration Absorbers

Yohsuke Nambu, Toshihide Takashima, Akiya Inagaki and Masakatsu Chiba

Magnetocaloric properties in various martensitic structures in Ni-Mn-Ga magnetic shape memory alloys

Rafał Wróblewski, Marcin Leonowicz, Eric Rhoads and Peter Müllner



Concurrent Design of Adaptively Damped Structures

Tommaso Delpero, Andre Bergamini and Paolo Ermann

Characterization of spark plasma sintered Ti-Ta-Zr-Ru shape memory alloys

M.L. Lethabane and P. A. Olubambi






Session 9: Materials

Chairs: Prof. Pim Groen & Prof. Daniel Inman

Session 10: Morphing

Chairs: Dr. Roeland De Breuker & Prof. Michael Friswell



Improved Piezoelectricity of PVDF Nanocomposites

Ning Hu, Liangke Wu, Huiming Ning and Yaolu Liu

Warp-controlled variable twist and camber morphing mechanism

N.P.M. Werter, J. Sodja, R. De Breuker, B. Senkal and G. Spirlet



Electromechanical Characteristics of Microstructure with Etching Holes

Wan-Chun Chuang and Wei Hsiang Tu

Aerodynamic Performance of a Spanwise Morphing Trailing Edge Concept

Alexander M. Pankonien and Daniel J. Inman



Two-material Topology Optimization of a Contact-aided Compliant Cell for Thermal Control

Pierre F. Thurier, George A. Lesieutre, Mary I. Frecker and James H. Adair

A morphing mechanical and electromagnetic antenna reflector concept based on curved corrugated structures

R. Painter, C. Remillat, F. Scarpa, G. Hilton and I. Farrow



Additive Manufacturing of Active Struts for Piezoelectric Shunt Damping

Dirk Maye, Hanns A. Stoffregen, Oliver Heuss, Jennifer Pöllmann, Eberhard Abele and Tobias Melz

Actuator Systems for Morphing Aircraft

Rukshan Navaratne, Iman Dayyani, Benjamin K.S. Woods, Edward Bubert and Michael I. Friswell



Reception and Poster Session for non-attending PhD’s



Conference dinner at Glue & Culture


Program: Wednesday October 8th 2014


Lecture Room



Keynote Lecture by Peter Wierach


Session 11: SMA Chair: Prof. Jinsong Leng



Design and experimental investigation of a hybrid linear actuator based on shape memory alloy

Xiaoguang Zhang, Jinhong Hu, Erbao Dong and Jie Yang



Joule Heating of Shape Memory Polymer with Magnetically Aligned Nickel Particles

Richard V. Beblo, James J. Joo and Gregory W. Reich



Effect of aging in the thermo-mechanical response of near-equiatomic Ni-rich shape memory alloys: A microstructure-informed model

A. Cox, T. Baxevanis, D.C. Lagoudas and I. Karaman





Session 12: Energy Harvest Chair: Prof. Pim Groen



Functional composites for sensing and energy harvesting applications

H.Khanbareh, D. Deutz , N. James, S. van der Zwaag and P. Groen



Enhancement of Aeroelastic Energy Harvesting with a Beam Stiffener

Liya Zhao, Jieying Chong, Tian Loong, Jonathan Ng and Yaowen Yang



An alternative architecture for self-powered SSHI circuit for micro energy harvesters

Sou Peng Yeh, Ya-Shan Shih, Shun Chiu Lin and Wen-Jong Wu



Piezoelectric composite touch sensors for integration with flexible OLED technology

D.B. Deutz, E. Tempelman, S. van der Zwaag, W.A. Groen





Session 13: Morphing Chair: Prof. Norman Wereley



Structural Analysis of an Unconventional Hybrid Control Surface of a Morphing Wing

Pınar Arslan, Uğur Kalkan, Harun Tiraş, İlhan Ozan Tunçöz, Yosheph Yang, Ercan Gürses, Melin Şahin, Serkan Özgen and Yavuz Yaman



Optimized Negative Stiffness Spring System for Morphing Aircraft Actuation

B.K.S. Woods and M.I. Friswell



High Bandwidth Morphing Aerofoil

S. Fichera, S. Jiffri, X. Wei and J. E. Mottershead


Session 14: Vibration Chair: Prof. Fred Nitzsche



Active structural acoustic control using piezo-based rotational inertial shakers

G. Zhao, N. Alujevic, B. Depraetere, G. Pinte, J. Swevers and P. Sas



Integrated Feedback/Feedforward Control of Flexible Spacecraft for Agile Attitude Maneuver and Vibration Suppression                                                                                          
Hiroshi Okubo and Shinya Kuwamoto



Simultaneous optimization of distribution and gain of piezoelectric sensor networks for the improvement of active vibration control                                                                       Augusto Shigueoka and Marcelo A. Trindade



Conference Closure




Poster judges:

Prof. Inderjit Chopra           (University of Maryland, USA)
Dr. Eric Chen                       (NRC, Ottawa, Canada)

Prof. Paolo Ermanni             (ETH Zurich, Switzerland)

Prof. Kon-Well Wang            (University of Michigan, USA)

Dr. Razvann Rusovici            (Florida Institute of Technologies, USA)

Prof. Fabrizio Scarpa            (University of Bristol, UK)



Design of smart lightweight structures: Simultaneous optimization of mechanical and shunt circuit parameters

Rogério Salloum, Oliver Heuss and  Dirk Mayer


Morphing thickness in airfoils using Pneumatic Flexible Tubes and Kirigami honeycomb

Jian Sun, Fabrizio Scarpa and  Jinsong Leng


Development of the micro piezoelectric bimorph energy harvesters based on stainless steel substrate inthe vibration generator

C.L. Kuo, S.C. Lin and W.J. Wu


Low-Velocity Impact Response of Smart Sandwich Composite Plates with Piezoelectric Transducers: Modeling and Experiment

Theofanis S. Plagianakos, Evangelos G. Papadopoulos and Klajd Lika


Morphology development of an airfoil by numerical analysis

M.A. Carrizales Rodríguez and  M. Castillo Morales


Comparison of two Types of Adaptive Vibration Absorbers

G. de Rue, T. Röglin, J. Vrbata, S. Gaisbauer, D. Mayer and  T. Melz


Morphing curved sandwich structure with Kirigami zero Poisson’s ratio core

Yijin Chen, Fabrizio Scarpa, Chrystel Remillat, Ian Farrow and  Jinsong Leng


Skyhook damping on two degree of freedom systems and on double panels

Neven Alujevic, Guoying Zhao, Paul Sas, Bert Pluymers and  Wim Desmet


Experimental study on active noise- and active vibration-control for a passenger car using novel piezoelectric engine mounts and electrodynamic inertial mass actuators

Roman Kraus, Jonathan Millitzer, Jan Hansmann, Stefan Wolter and  Marco Jackel


Nonlinear piezoelectric shell model with complete electro-mechanical coupling: theoretical and numerical investigations

Michele Pasquali and Paolo Gaudenzi


Mechanical Properties of Styrene-based Shape Memory Polymer Composites Enhanced by Elastic Fibers

Yanju Liu, Jian Sun and  Jinsong Leng


Fatigue behavior of corrugated skin for morphing aircraft

Mohammad Silani, Iman Dayyani, Michael I. Friswell and Hossein Talebi


Mixed Variable Structural Optimization of a Parameterized Span Morphing Wing

Edward A. Bubert, Benjamin K.S. Woods, Rukshan Navaratne, Christopher S. Beaverstock and Michael I. Friswell


Model Validation of a FishBAC Morphing Wing with a Corrugated Skin

Iman Dayyani, Rukshan Navaratne, Benjamin K.S. Woods, Mohammad Silan and Michael I. Friswell


MEMS for structural health monitoring of wind turbine blades

Aubryn M. Cooperman and Marcias J. Martinez


Measuring thermal diffusion in fiber metal laminates

Bernhard Müller, Sofia Teixeira De Freitas and  Jos Sinke


Shape optimization of flexible piezoelectric energy harvesters

F. Van Loock, D. Deutz, S. van der Zwaag and P. Groen


Spin Coating Graphene Composite Inks For VOCs Gas Sensor Detection

Sung-Yuan Yang, Wei Wang,, Wen-Jong Wu and  Chih-Ting Lin


Improving the working frequency of SMA wires: active cooling and strain-ratios

Adrián Lara-Quintanilla and  Harald E.N. Bersee


Understanding the Change in Electrical Resistance in Shape Memory Alloys

Freek Sluis, Rinze Benedictus, Harald E.N. Bersee and Rene C. Alderliesten


Numerical investigation of the hydrogel swelling behaviour under chemical and mechanical loads

Peter Leichsenring and Thomas Wallmersperger


Air-coupled ultrasound for damage detection in CFRP using Lamb waves and ultrasonic verification

G. Alleman, M.M.J.M. Pel and  R.M. Groves


SMA Enriched High Temperature Polymer Matrix Composites: An Interfacial Study from Experimental and Computational Perspectives

Hieu Truong


Shape memory composite structures and applications in aerospace

Jinsong Leng


Adaptive bearing housing for damping treatment

Michal Lubieniecki and Tadeusz Uhl


An FBG based Sensor for Morphing Rib Architectures: Conceptual Design and Numerical Modeling

G. Amendola, M. Ciminello, I. Dimino and  S. Ameduri


A Coupled Thermo-mechanical Element Based on the First-Order Shear Deformation Theory for the Analysis of Shape Memory Alloys

Lin Hao, Jinhao Qiu and Hongli Ji


Bandwidth enhancement of a piezoelectric energy harvester using parametrically induced vibrations.

Panduranga Vittal Avvari, Yaowen Yang and Chee Kiong Soh