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Conference Secretariat
The registration desk will be open all days during conference hours.

Your hostess
Marion van den Boer (Phone: +31 6 42 89 77 31)

Public Transport
For public transport you need a so-called “OV chip card” which you can buy at all the Metro stations in Amsterdam, the Post offices and in tobacco stores & gift shops. The best website to plan your trip with public transport in the Netherlands is:

Weather & Climate
In October the weather in the Netherlands can be windy and rainy  (16 to 18 degrees Celsius is average for the time of year). However, our sea-climate entails variable weather conditions.
The local currency is Euro (divided into 100 cents). International credit cards are accepted all over the Netherlands in department stores, museums and most shops.
All major credit cards are accepted in most stores, hotels and restaurants.

Health regulations
No vaccinations are required when entering the Netherlands from any other country.

The organizers cannot be held responsible for injury to conference attendees or for damage to or loss of their personal belongings, regardless of the cause. Attendees are advised to make their own insurance arrangements.